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Mai 19, 2017




Norway's most significant festival makes one more comeback 28-29th of June next year! The summer 2017 is the 25th anniversary of the Quart festival birth, a festival that would later become the largest of its kind. Just like the 1991 edition marked Kristiansand 350th anniversary, then the Quart festival 25th-anniversary celebration of the city's 375 years on the sandy ground.


Tuesday and Wednesday 28-29th of June is again ready for Quart Odderøya. This festival is a one-time event led by the man who started it all: 


“It simply feels that the time has come for a celebration of an event that has meant so much to the city and the rest of the country and for all people who have grown up with it. Another thing that is a good deal for those who want that little bit rock n 'roll, says former festival director and now booking responsible Quart 25 »Toffen Gunnufsen, festival director.


At its height the Quart festival sold an average of 75,000 tickets per. years and was in Aftenposten described as "the most important cultural event in Norway's history.”


Quart festival was first held in 1991 under the name Quadradurmusivalen. It grew rapidly to become the country's largest music festival. Alongside concerts by David Bowie, Coldplay, Kanye West, Foo Fighters, Daft Punk, Björk, D'Angelo, Muse, Alicia Keys, Green Day, Snoop Dogg and Depeche Mode, Quart also played an essential role in introducing the Norwegian audience of genres and artists who have dominated the music image.



Who chooses Quart25? Hove, Palmesus and Point Festival is among the festivals we compete against. A market that has been very good at giving themselves a strong identity as a festival on the South Coast of Norway. I also think therefore that we must differentiate ourselves, something Quart is known for previously. Those who ran the Quart festival earlier also went over to the Hove festival, but that does not mean that we can't be better. The Mackerel is a cult phenomenon in the Quart festival history, I think it would be a mistake to avoid that totally. It has made Quart, Quart in a way. Why avoid something that has always been popular among people? I think they will shoot themselves in the foot if one tries either approaching Hove or Palmesus identity because then you give up something as essential as it has been the mainstay of Quart years. Can you use the same mackerel and still reach out to this audience? Maybe, but it needs a splash of modern design. I imagined using the mackerel as the identity of Quart25. The design will demonstrate a new era of Quart festival, it needs to be even revolutionary for the Quart staff itself. It must give enthusiasm around and among people and you have to actually look forward to be working on this further until kickoff!


The mackerel must be the primary subject in my design, but it need something that speaks to the younger crowd of people and here we come to the challenge.

Is there any design that can satisfy both the older audience and the younger audience? I have to find something that might be cool for both, but that refers to a new era of Quart (most focus on young). Vibrant colours!


Concept: The main concept of the Quart 25 is from a video I watched when I first chose to work with ideas for the project. The video is added to my reference and I recommend taking a look at it before we go through anything. In the video, you'll see something I was very inspired by and had the idea together with a Mackerel itself. I quickly realised that I was perhaps a bit over ambition  with the task I had set in front of me, but the idea was to place any of these three items from the Video around Kristiansand and they would end up on Odderøya ultimately, that would prove to all challenges Quartfestival've been through, but it ends up that they're all in Odderøya eventually and are ready for a memorable party. Mackerel has always been part of Quart and therefore I wanted to reunite all the previous festivals, with a big bang at the Quart 25. The design must have the mackerel as the main motive of the design, but it must also be of interest for the younger audience.


Even for all trouble, the Quart festival has been through, they have always managed to stand upright again. Something they will do this time aswell. You can see in the sketches that this is something I have thought about previously.




You’ve been contacted by the Quart festival to make them a visual identity. The visual identity should embrace the festival's history, but also be unique and innovative.


Logo and visual identity with accompanying design manual.

Festival Poster

Festival Program

Website Design (Not finished website)

scene Decoration


Signs and markings on the festival site

Clothes for organizers and volunteers

Official festival t-shirt (for sale)

Ticket Tapes for various types of tickets (1 day, 2 days, easy days, volunteers, production, VIP)

ID card

These are the elements that must have been made on the examination paper.